27, Peruvian, Gender-fluid.
Forcibly entrepreneur, writer at heart, activist for human rights, anarchist and follower of the stoic’ philosophy.
Consciously living a minimalist lifestyle and trying the best to be the most eco-friendly possible in daily basis.
Nature lover with great wishes to become fully auto-sustainable soon. (F*ckTheSystem)
Always aware & evolving.
First of all I want to thank you for passing by & Welcome to my world.
“As I personally believe 100% that knowledge is power and an empowered good person is what the world needs. By my writes I hope to wake up in you the desires of changes. To be, to known and to do better.
I’ll  be sharing personal thoughts and some of the learnings I got from people and experiences while lightly traveling over 35 countries and + 100 cities across the world in a peculiar way.”

Through my travel’ experiences I’ve been forced to be open-minded, understand and develop a better self to improve life thanks to a positive mindset which is a never ending work for every time, everywhere.
All what I am now days wouldn’t be as it is if I would stay just in my comfort’ zone So that the main reason I’m here trying to get you out of your comfort’ zone at least for a while, use your imagination to visualize, create, manifest and realize your wishes.
It’s ok to daydream but it’s so much fun to make it a reality.
Alone, with a partner, with friends or relatives is always a good idea to book a trip and I promise you if is your very first trip it might be life-changing. Be ready! The secret is to enjoy the moment; live the present not only exist.
Each travel is unique in it’s way. We have to embrace our experiences and grow up with them.
If you’re just curious into know How I’ve traveled around the globe since I was 18 just by myself and for free or almost* then just CLICK HERE.